STI 3D – Tita­nium Hybrid Silencer

Based on our proven silencer model SOB3D we have devel­oped our new model STI3D.

In our new “STI3D” model, the complete baffle assemgly is made from just one piece of grade 5 tita­nium. These alloys used for engine construc­tion are char­ac­ter­ized by excel­lent corro­sion resis­tance and low weight combined with very high strength. The result was an extremely resilient silencer that offers excel­lent wear resis­tance and a long service life. Excel­lent damping values ​​are achieved in connec­tion with the inte­grated stain­less steel mesh. Compact dimen­sions and the low weight keep the gun easy to handle.

SOB 3D - The Effi­cient One

ERA®Silencer SOB3D now also avail­able for caliber 9,5 mm (.375)

ERA®LOC Muzzle Brake

Our new ERA®LOC muzzle brake helps reduce the recoil consid­er­ably. Precision machined from high grade steel. Manganese phos­phate finish for high corro­sion resis­tance. The short and compact brake extends your rifle by only 31 mm.

Equipped with our ERA®LOC quick release, the muzzle brake attaches quickly and easily to the barrel with just a short 60° turn (ERA®LOC muzzle adapter required).

The offset pattern of the gas ports reli­ably avoids unin­tended loos­ening of the muzzle brake.
Ideal when­ever the use of a silencer is not allowed. Fits all calibers up to .375.

Tech­nical data:

  • Length: 49 mm
  • Net length: 31mm
  • Diam­eter: 24mm
  • Weight: 62gr
Part NumberS0000-0001

SOB 2S - The Resilient One

  • „Hybrid“ silencer with core and baffle compo­nent made from hard­ened and tempered steel
  • Outer tube made from high-grade aluminum with rein­forced wall
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • Suited for shooting galleries

SOB 3D - The Effi­cient One

  • Excel­lent suppres­sion due to inte­grated stain­less steel mesh
  • No first round pop. Espe­cially impor­tant for hunting!
  • Super short and light – the rifle’s handling hardly changes
  • Only avail­able in calibers .30 and 8 mm

ERA®SILENCER Protec­tive Sleeve

  • Protects the silencer from damage
  • Addi­tional suppres­sion of the gunshot sound
  • Tapered cut according to silencer shape, reli­ably prevents slip­ping of the sleeve
  • Made of high-quality elastic neoprene, black
  • Made in Germany by Niggeloh
ModelLengthPart Number
SOB 1 / 2 / 2S235 mm00003-579A
SOB 3D165 mm00003-580A