Yes. All ERA®SILENCERs can be disas­sem­bled to facil­i­tate cleaning.

Yes. An exchange­able threaded bushing ensures the ERA®SILENCER can be used on different rifles of the same or a smaller caliber with varying muzzle threads.

The term first round pop (FRP) refers to the first shot fired through a silencer that is often louder than any subse­quent shots due to the oxygen inside the suppressor burning off.

A hunter usually fires only one round and, there­fore, it is partic­u­larly impor­tant that a silencer has a very low first-round pop. Our model SOB3D elim­i­nates the FRP due to the wire mesh and, thus, the lack of space inside the silencer! All other silencer models reduce the FRP greatly.

Yes. ERA®SILENCERs can be used on other rifles of the same or a smaller caliber. When an entire caliber group is being skipped, the suppres­sion values diminish slightly. If two caliber groups are being skipped, suppres­sion values are reduced even further. This may still be accept­able as long as no magnum calibers are being used.

In this case, the ERA®LOC quick release system is recom­mended. Each muzzle thread must be equipped with an ERA®LOC threaded bushing. Attaching the silencer to a different rifle can thus be carried out quickly and easily.

Yes. Condensed mois­ture inside the silencer combines with the combus­tion residue and forms an acid, which can lead to severe corro­sion in the silencer and also in the rifle’s barrel. There­fore, the ERA®SILENCER should be removed from the weapon after each use - regard­less of whether a shot has been fired or not. To fully dry it, place the silencer verti­cally on a heater or dry it with a hair dryer.

A cleaning should be conducted after max. 100 rounds or once a year. Instruc­tions are provided with every silencer. You can also down­load these instruc­tions under the “Service” menu.

A general state­ment cannot be made. Normal hunting use, as well as appro­priate main­te­nance and care of the silencer will ensure that the mesh will last for many years.