The seem­ingly endless screwing and unscrewing of the silencer has an end!

The ERA®LOC quick release allows the silencer to be set up and released quickly and easily with just a short 60° turn. The very robust thread ensures a secure hold of the suppressor due to the high number of threads. The attach­ment on the front side of the threaded bush protects the thread itself from powder residues and guar­an­tees a consis­tent and safe func­tion.

Our ERA®SILENCERs are now avail­able with optional ERA®LOC quick release. All you need is the matching ERA®LOC muzzle adapter.

Existing ERA®SILENCERs can be easily retro­fitted. You need our ERA®LOC adapter set, consisting of muzzle adapter, threaded bushing with assembly bolt and the assembly tool.

ERA®LOC muzzle adapter, short
(M13x1, M14x1, M15x1, 1/2″-20, 1/2″-28)

ERA®LOC muzzle adapter, long
(M16x1, M17x1, M18x1, 5/8″-24)

Thread SizePart Number Muzzle AdapterPart Number Adapter Set*
1/2″-20 UNFS0002-1220S0003-1220
1/2″-28 UNEFS0002-1228S0003-1228
5/8″-24 UNEFS0002-5824S0003-5824

*Consists of muzzle adapter and threaded bushing incl. mounting toggle and assembly tool

Threaded Bushing
with Mounting Toggle

Part Number

ERA®LOC Thread Protec­tion Nut

Part Number
  • Protects the muzzle thread while the silencer is removed
  • Made of heat resis­tant mate­rial
  • With inner thread, shot resis­tant

ERA®LOC Muzzle Brake

Part Number

Our new ERA®LOC muzzle brake helps reduce the recoil consid­er­ably. Precision machined from high grade steel. Manganese phos­phate finish for high corro­sion resis­tance. The short and compact brake extends your rifle by only 31 mm.

Equipped with our ERA®LOC quick release, the muzzle brake attaches quickly and easily to the barrel with just a short 60° turn (ERA®LOC muzzle adapter required).

The offset pattern of the gas ports reli­ably avoids unin­tended loos­ening of the muzzle brake.
Ideal when­ever the use of a silencer is not allowed. Fits all calibers up to .375.

Tech­nical data:

  • Length: 49 mm
  • Net length: 31mm
  • Diam­eter: 24mm
  • Weight: 62gr